How to choose the perfect rug for your living room.

Living Rooms.Beautiful

Time has somewhat softened the function of the living room. It was once a place of formality, but only in the most traditional home, is the living room still used exclusively for guests.


Now, in the 21st century, the room is less about formality and more about comfortable living.Beautiful

Comfortable living does not necessarily mean that “anything goes”. In most houses, the living room is often the largest room, and homeowners still, use their living room to showcase their decorating style and express who they are, their tastes and interests.

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Pet Friendly Rugs.

What’s the best pet friendly rug?

Dog licking cat

Good Buddies.

Good Buddies

Does your four-legged family member have a favourite spot in your home? Is the location where Rover likes to sleep becoming excessively soiled despite your constant cleaning? Is it easy to see where Fluffy prefers to sleep because of all the cat hair? Is Rover scratching and prematurely wearing the finish on your beautiful hardwood floors?Good BuddiesGood Buddies

Is it time to find a suitable rug for your pet? Not only to provide a soft and comfortable place for your pet to sleep, but also to extend the life of your expensive flooring or carpeting.

Since most of us consider our pets as our children, we are obviously concerned about their health and well being and don’t want to purchase anything that may contain toxins or represent a health hazard.

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Natural versus synthetic rugs What’s best?

Natural versus synthetic rugs. What’s best?

Trying to decide between a rug made with natural materials versus synthetic fibres?Sheep Grazing
As there are significant differences between the two, there are a few things to consider.Sheep Grazing

Sheep GrazingSheep Grazing

What is the intended purpose of the rug?Sheep Grazing

Is it to be used out of doors on the deck or balcony as a way to extend your living area during the summer months?Sheep Grazing
Perhaps you wish to display a beautiful, luxurious rug in your living room or a thick, cozy rug in the bedroom.
Maybe the next rug you purchase is not intended for the floor at all but to hang on the wall.
The purpose and function of the rug will dictate what type of fabric will be most suitable.

I hope the information below is helpful.

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How to choose the best outdoor rug.

A fabulous table set for dining on the garden patio.

A fabulous table set for dining on the garden patio.

How to choose the best outdoor area rug.

Looking for that perfect outdoor area rug to accent your deck?
Perhaps you wish to add decorative warmth to an outdoor extended living area?
Need a rug to define a patio dining area?
How about a rug to create a quaint and unique space on the balcony to enjoy your morning coffee and a book on those beautiful summer mornings?
In addition to adding colour and defining space, a strategically placed area rug serves the practical purpose of limiting dirt and grime from entering your home.
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How to choose the perfect area rug.

Why buy an area rug?

Rolled up carpet rugs.

Rolled up carpet rugs.

There are numerous reasons why people purchase area rugs.

Some of the practical reasons include providing warmth, comfort and a pleasant cushiony feel over a hardwood flooring.

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